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      Edited by Kerry A. Dolan and Luisa Kroll. Reported by Zina Moukheiber and Kate Vinton with additional reporting from Christopher Helman.  The number of Billionaires in Africa, and the size of their fortunes; continues to drop. ... Continue Reading

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    A website builder with SEO-friendly web design technologies built in can give you a real head-start over the competition. Now there are unlimited website builder tools on the internet, building a website is now for anyone, ... Continue Reading

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    It cannot be stored and it cannot be gotten back but you can create it and make better use of it. Time can be said to be an asset and it is arguably the most valuable ... Continue Reading

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    If you want to move forward in your financial independence with or without recession in the economy, the first step you need to take is to Expand your sense of what is possible. As you are ... Continue Reading

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    “Swim Move”, The Technique That Will Transform Your Approach And Crush Your Goals There are lots of sales approaches out there and a lot of them are being ignored. Unfortunately, some of the best sets of ... Continue Reading

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    Engineers from the University of Cambridge have created an ultra low power transistor that can run for a long time without a power source.   This tech could be used in various sensor interfaces and wearable devices, ... Continue Reading

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    1. ANYTHING THAT CAN BE DIGITIZED WILL BE.   Digitization began with words and numbers. Then we moved into games and later into rich media, such as movies, images and music. We also moved complex business functions, ... Continue Reading


    A spokesperson from Facebook has issued a statement stating that the company is working with ISP and Operator partners to test Express Wi-Fi at multiple locations. This empowers the operators, ISPs and local entrepreneur-retailers to ... Continue Reading

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