Enough procrastination, Just Do It.

Even where there are task that needs to be completed, there are times where we just don’t feel like working. Our bosses and clients always expect productivity every day, regardless of how you feel. Finishing a task, or productivity helps us feel fulfilled, motivated and happy. But procrastination only makes everything pile up.  We have compiled some suggestions on things you can do to help get you back to work.

  • Organize your work-space: 

    Make sure your work-space is organized before you begin on a new task. If not, clean out all the unnecessary papers and stationary. In this way, you don’t lose your focus when you start working on your task.

  • Give yourself a reward before you begin: 

    Motivation is very important when you start a new task. Therefore, increase your dopamine level by rewarding yourself with a nice dessert or your favorite coffee or with a short comedy video.

  • Listen to some music: 

    searchit_ ProcrastinationTry to relax and refresh your mind to get ready. Listen to classical or jazz music to soothe your soul. Also, if you can, open the window and let the fresh air in. Fresh oxygen will help your brain work better.

  • Start small:

    Divide your main task into smaller tasks. This will help you manage your work better and as a result, you can measure your achievement as you easily complete your tasks one by one. Completing smaller tasks will also motivate you to start off others and so, finish the whole project.

  • Do it with friends to avoid procrastination: 

    Increase your motivation by collaborating with other people. Remember those school days when you used to group study with your classmates. The same holds for work as well. If you have a teammate or a co-worker who can help you by giving inputs or who can motivate you, then, work with this person.

  • Daydream your success: 

    Shut your eyes for a few minutes and daydream about your future success. Studies have proved that this can actually increase your motivation. Thus, you can start off your work with more determination.

  • Just do it: 

    searchit_Procrastination Ignore everything else around you, just do the work! As Nike says, just do it. Don’t forget that beginning is half finishing so stop wasting your time and focus on the task. Get moving as soon as possible and you will realize that beginning is actually much easier than you think.

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  1. Banji
    January 10, 2017 at 10:41 pm

    Daydreaming your success really works, thanks

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