When making your New Year Resolutions, It is always important to add some other specific features to your life that won’t just bring positive and lasting result but are also fun and enjoyable to you.

Every year, we make New Year resolutions and every year we struggle to fulfill them. It is difficult to change or stop some habits but we make that promise every year because it is our chance to start again. But the bitter truth is most of all fail at achieving our New Year Resolutions.

So, why not try something different this year, something new. We make our resolution based on positivity and getting better, but they are mostly not the enjoyable type of change. Here is a list of New Year resolutions you can try this year and see how it goes.


  1. Earn a new Certificate.

Imagine the satisfying feeling you get when you check an item off of your to-do list? Positive emotion conjures when you complete your goals, and if you can learn something new in the process, it’s even better.

Enroll in a certificate program for an ability you want to develop. It could be something career-related such as effective negotiating, a life skill such as CPR or something physically challenging such as Scuba diving.

A certificate is a small commitment compared to a degree, but still provides you with helpful structure and milestones. When you’re done, you receive physical proof of your success. Whether you hang your certificate on your wall or not, you’ll end up feeling more confident and you’ll have gained some new skills. You might even be able to leverage what you’ve learned to improve your leadership abilities and advance your career.


  1. Learn a language connected to something you’re passionate about.

You don’t have to become fluent to reap the benefits of learning new languages. Even mastering a few key phrases can be enough to turn heads and spark conversations. Becoming a polyglot makes you more perceptive, a better decision-maker and delays the cognitive decline associated with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

So, how do you pick that new language, and more importantly, how can you stay motivated to practice? Consider those die hards at Comic-Con who learn to converse in Klingon, a language from a fictional universe: if you connect your goal to something you care about, perhaps even obsess over, you set yourself up to win.

Are you an avid fan of Brazil’s soccer team? Dabble in Brazilian Portuguese so you can cheer (or curse) like a local. Do you love the hit show Vikings? Pick up some Icelandic to delve further into their world. The language of Viking explorers has hardly changed since they settled in Iceland in the late ninth century.

  1. Challenge yourself in martial arts.

searchit_martial arts RESOLUTIONSIf you’re already hitting the gym, consider this as a fun way to switch up your exercise routine and meet some new people. There’s no need to go for a black belt, either. As with new languages, you can learn martial arts basics in just a few classes and stand a little taller when you walk into a room.

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