Success doesn’t come overnight, consider every single one of this step, reflect on them and be sure that you are on your way to a successful 2017

As a business person, you are your worst enemy and your best friend. You hover between doubting yourself and believing in yourself. We tend to start procrastinating, spend unnecessarily and start self-sabotaging. 2017 can be your best year yet but you will need to drop some old habits and pick up a few new ones.

  1. Trying to do everything alone.

The truth is whatever we do alone can be good, but it can also be better if we don’t do it alone. Its okay to ask for help and advice, and you can even hire someone to take some of the burden off your shoulders. You have a whole network of friends and fellow entrepreneurs who will be happy to help you, whether it’s because you’ve helped them or because they just want to see you succeed. It is hard enough being an entrepreneur, don’t make it unnecessarily harder.

  1. Having a sense of entitlement.

Sure, you are a special snowflake with a unique combination of skills and vision, but that doesn’t mean the world owes you anything, especially as a business person. If you want to be successful, you need to make it happen by yourself. If you want a new client or you want your company featured in a great publication, then you’d better start hustling to make it happen.

  1. Trying to be perfect.

We all fail sometimes. A success is someone who keeps getting up until eventually, life stops knocking her down. Trying to be perfect will keep you from making the mistakes and riding the learning curve that you need to in order to reach success. How will you rise if you don’t fall and how will you learn if you don’t make mistakes.

  1. Comparing yourself with others. 

Inspirations comes from successful people. Their success can be a potential road-map to help you avoid the same blocks they stumbled over on their way to the top. You are not supposed to look at them and scold yourself for not being equally successful. They started and made their way with hard work, and if you focus on the lessons you can learn from them instead of where they are now, you’ll get there too.

  1. Procrastinating wont bring success. 

Not all part of your business is fun. You might hate dealing with email campaigns or formatting your website. Not many people enjoy preparing contracts or proposals, but every single step is important and needs to get done. Don’t let procrastination be the reason you’re behind meeting your targets and reaching your goals.

  1. Being underprepared. 

Whether it’s the result of procrastination or overconfidence, being underprepared can ruin client pitches, client work and your reputation, which once tarnished is so very hard to fix. No matter how confident you are that you know your stuff, prepare for everything. Have a “plan B to plan Z if possible” and a “worst case scenario plan”. You may never need them, but you’ll be glad you have them if you do.

  1. Constantly complaining. 

searchit_ SUCCESSIt is always exhausting to be constantly complaining. This can turn off other people who might have otherwise wanted to help or work with you. If all you do is complain, you’ll be too busy to see opportunities. You won’t appreciate what you have if you focus on the negative. If something isn’t right, fix it. Don’t complain.


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  1. shelle babatunde
    January 11, 2017 at 10:08 am

    Nice write-up.

    • Abdulazeez Ogunjobi
      Abdulazeez Ogunjobi
      January 28, 2017 at 1:17 pm


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